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We manufacture a range of industrial filter fabric and technical textiles, used in various industries:

  • Conveyor belting cloth, canvas, endless belts, PU/PVC belts, sugar bags & balloons for confectionery and biscuit units.
  • Industrial Airslide / Aeroslide fabrics – Conveyor belts (Cotton, Polyester, PP, Nylon), in Spun & Multifilament varieties, used extensively for pneumatic conveying of fine & granular products, used extensively in infrastructure companies, Silos, Cement, fly-ash, lime industries, of thickness up to 12mm, and of various widths
  • Industrial Filter media – Filter cloth (Cotton, Nylon, PP, PolyCotton), Nylon & PC Satin for FBD, & PP Filter Presses, in Spun and Multifilament varieties, used extensively & regularly in Filter press systems and membranes, for Industrial system, in process technologies & filter presses – in filtration, treatment & separation applications for process engineering.





Filter Cloth

  • Constructed from cotton, polyester, PP, nylon, non-woven, etc.
  • Employed in industries for wet, solid-liquid, slurry filtrations, solvent extraction etc.
  • Used in industries such as:
    • Edible oil/ soya extraction/ Vanaspati
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Starch and derivatives
    • Dyes, paints and chemicals
    • Fertilizers and phosphates
    • Soap and detergent manufacturing
    • ETP/ STP: Water treatment
    • Electroplating

Filter Bags

  • Filter bags, made-ups & filter accessories are used in various industries in filtration applications, to fit sophisticated and intricate equipment such as Centrifuges.
  • Centrifuge bags/ lifting bags
    • Used in various dimensions between 20″ – 60″
    • Used in separating slurry from liquid or to collect solids
    • With/ without collar
  • Fluid Bed dryer (FBD)
    • These bags are heavily used in Pharma / Chemical / Dye manufacturing to achieve target dryness in the material to be handled, using fluidization method.
  • Butterfly filter press
    • Plate/ frame filter press
    • Extensively used in liquid-solid separation methods
  • Dust collector bags
  • Nutsche filters
  • Leaf sparklers/ sparkler pads/ pressure leaf cloth
  • Polish filter bags
  • Micronizers with snap ring: pulverizers: lifting bags: bellow bags: cycle bags: RVDF


filter media process



Conveyor Belts – Open Conveyors

  • Polyester, cotton, blended (polycotton)
  • In weaves ranging from plain-twill-satin
  • Used in various biscuit making and processing application such as cooling, rotary-moulding, cutting, pannier, stacking etc.
  • Dimension range: 1.3mm (for thinner biscuits) – 6mm
  • From smaller stacking widths of 6″ upto 75″ (W) for the bigger biscuit lines
  • We use the Ring Frame yarn spinner, which does not suffer from excessive elongation and shrinkage.


Conveyor Belts – Endless belts

  • Construction:
    • Blends of cotton and nylong
    • Blends of cotton, polyester and PC
    • Pure nylon (rotary moulder)
    • Pure cotton – post oven/ cooling
  • Dimension range
    • 1.3mm – 2.5mm
    • Upto 65″ width
  • These belts are pieces, which are joint-less/ stitch-less and are fit directly into the biscuits line
  • Used typically in rotary moulding, cutting and packing


Conveyor Belts – PU/ Coated belts

  • The advantage of the PVC/ coated webs is that the oil that gets sprayed on ready biscuits gets retained therein/ absorbed by the media – that results in no-waste
  • The special woven/ textured weaves ensure no slippage
  • PU gets used in the dough feeding/ dough loading conveyor as well as the cutting and packing section


Airslides/ Pneumatic Conveyors

  • Used in cement/ alumina/ fly ash/ metallurgy plants, for granular transmission, using pneumatic means
  • Available in thicknesses upto 12″
  • Typically made from cotton and polyester


Liners, Sandwich and Impression Fabrics

  • Used in rubber and tyre industries
  • In adhesion and lining
  • MOC’s include  PP liner, cotton liner


Food grade bags and balloons

  • Apart from Conveyors, a range of other ready Industrial bags used in Confectionery / Biscuit plants or Flour milling includes:
    • Suger bags – for sugar absorption, loading and unloading, confectionery plants
    • Plan shifter bags – used in flour-mills across transmission lines
    • Dust collector bags/ balloons etc. – for common dust collection – made primarily out of PP



  • Made in various specs of 2/10 – 3/10 etc.
  • Used in rubber and tyre industries and retail/ consumer canvas made-ups


Scrim cloth and Camp Cot cloth

  • Scrim cloth – used in non-woven industry
  • Camp Cot – heavy usage in tents and cots – thick dyed canvas
  • Ginning cloth – Available in 2/3 ply – used in cotton ginning industry


bintex montage